Communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. To establish your small business and to ensure that it continues to thrive and grow, you must make sure that there’s a strong point of connection between your team and your customers. Studies have found that the 20% of companies that provide connectivity at the point of first contact receive 80% of new business leads. If you don’t provide your customers with relevant information right away, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere.

Making sure your business is available to your customers is essential to building a strong base of customer support. Unanswered voicemails or email inquiries can cause customers to switch their service to a competitor. But as a small company with limited staff and resources, how can you ensure that you’re as available as possible to your customers? Here are a few solutions from the team at the Gavin Centre.

Professional Voicemail

Customers don’t expect small businesses to be open and available 24/7. They do, however, expect an active voicemail system to leave messages, and a prompt reply to the queries they leave via voicemail. It’s important for small businesses to have a professional-sounding voicemail and to respond to all messages in a timely manner.

Meeting Space

A great way to improve client relations is to offer meetings, especially if you’re a local business. Addressing client and custom concerns in-person is an effective way to show your customer base how much you care and improve brand loyalty. By putting your best foot forward in person, you can give your customers that personal touch that goes a long way to improving customer-business relationships.

At the Gavin Centre, we offer temporary office and conference rooms for you to meet with clients, as well as voicemail and call answering services to ensure the direct line of communication between your company and customers. Make your small business available to your customers with the virtual office services from the Gavin Centre. For more information about our temporary office spaces and other associated services, contact us today