How Available Is Your Small Business to Its Customers?

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. To establish your small business and to ensure that it continues to thrive and grow, you must make sure that there’s a strong point of connection between your team and your customers. Studies have found that the 20% of companies that provide connectivity at the point of [...]

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Where Should Entrepreneurs Start?

Being an entrepreneur can be an exciting venture. Owning your own business can be lucrative as well as fulfilling, but that doesn’t mean the venture won’t be without its own hardships and difficulties. While not every new business is guaranteed success, if you do your homework and have a strong concept and business, it’s possible [...]

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Ideas for Improving Your Office Space

Investing in your business does not only extend to clients and new projects. The space in which you work is your most vital asset. While work-life balance is integral to maintaining and sustaining any business in a healthy and mindful manner, your office should be consider similarly to your home. No matter how passionate you [...]

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Why Joining a Co-Working Space is the Best Business Investment for Freelancers! – Part 2

Freelancing, working for yourself, and remote working are all becoming more popular and accessible as technology improves. You no longer need to have a permanent work address (or even a permanent home address, as some truly visionary digital nomads prove) to be a successful business organization of any size. When face-to-face meetings are necessary, to [...]

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How to Set Up Your Meeting Space

Meeting spaces are of central importance to any business. Having a place for your team to congregate and discuss the latest issues in your company is important to your professional development. As important as finding the right space is creating a layout that’s complimentary to the purposes of your meeting. Here are some tips and [...]

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Why Do You Need a Physical Address for Your Business?

If you run your business from your home, you may be wary about giving out your address. Using your physical home address for your business can raise many privacy and safety concerns, so it’s reasonable to be cautious about it. If you’re running a service-oriented business, you may not have the need for a physical [...]

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The Importance of Speaking to a Live Person in Business

No customer or clients likes to talk to a robot. Automated systems can be confusing, causing customers to give up before they speak to a representative. Without an open and direct line of communication between you and your customers, your business is likely to suffer. Even if the results are the same, customers will leave [...]

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Why Joining a Co-Working Space is the Best Business Investment for Freelancers!

More and more people these days are joining the workforce as freelancers. Many industries are embracing freelance positions, which give employees more flexibility in terms of scheduling and time management than traditional positions. One of the benefits of freelancing is choosing where to do your work. Co-working spaces are a cost-effective way for freelancers to [...]

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Tips for Improving Your Home Office for Productivity

If you’re a freelancer or a member of a small company, you know how difficult it can be to work from home. Where you work has a great impact on your productivity, so no matter where you work it’s important to make your space as conducive to productivity as possible. If you work from home, [...]

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Streamline the Legal Discovery Process with a Virtual Office

Legal discovery refers to the process before a trial where both parties are given access to all information relevant to the case in order to build their positions. Relevant information may include legal documents, as well as emails, text messages, and any other form of document that is deemed to be pertinent. Needless to say, [...]

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