The Role of the Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VA) are administrative assistant professionals who work in office administration or as clerical assistants for businesses online. The job requires a specific set of skills that not only any assistant can provide. They are highly trained specialists that work across various sectors of industries serving clientele worldwide. Many virtual assistants work remotely from [...]

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Why the Virtual Office is the Way to Go

Why the Virtual Office is the Way to Go The virtual office is a concept that is growing in the business world because it’s cost-effective, flexible and offers a host of benefits. Present your employees with a unique opportunity to work from wherever they are with a common place to meet in person for project [...]

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How to Have Successful Videoconferences

Videoconferences are an integral aspect of working for a company or organization. Whether your workplace operates remotely or in-office, videoconferences are important for connecting with clients, contractors and the like, to work together on projects, establish strategies and goals or to touch base about issues and solutions for going forward.  Videoconferences are really important and [...]

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Common Digital Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

One of the best ways to reach prospective customers and clients is through the digital sphere. For small businesses, mobile enterprises, or e-commerce organizations, digital marketing is especially important. Digital marketing is not without its pitfalls, and without the right marketing strategy your business can get lost among the many digital competitors. Here are a [...]

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How to Practice the Best Communication Strategies in an Organization

Communication is the glue of any company or organization. Even the smallest start-ups comprised of 30 people need to have effective communication strategies in place both internally and externally. If you think about it, even one-on-one communication can be difficult sometimes due to ambiguity, misunderstandings and the differences in how people interpret things. Here are [...]

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Maintaining Client Relations in the Digital Age

With technology constantly advancing, face-to-face interactions are becoming a less important aspect of everyday business operations. This has opened up a number of new business possibilities, including allowing companies to operate exclusively online or from a mobile location. However, this depersonalized business model also changes the way that companies maintain relationships with the clients. Here [...]

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The Virtual Office and Remote Work

Remote work is defined as work that is completed in an environment out of a designated office or employer workplace. This includes working from a home office, in-transit in multiple locations or in a virtual office. Remote work is a fast and growing trend at this moment. Nearly 3 out of 5 North American workers [...]

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Tips and Tricks for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Online retail has quickly become one of the most profitable sectors of internet business. Online retail websites such Etsy and internet payment services such as PayPal have made it much simpler for independent retailers to enter the e-commerce market. E-commerce is a practical option for independent retailers because there aren’t the same costs associated with [...]

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How to Keep Your Business Running While On Vacation

Even entrepreneurs and mobile business owners need a break sometimes. For many freelancers and mobile business owners who work from home, unpredictable hours and constant communication with customers and clients are often part of the job, making it difficult to book time away from work. How do you keep your business successful without sacrificing your [...]

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Are Start-Ups Really All Digital?

The communication age as totally revolutionized the way that we do business. Instant communication, the easy movement of funds, and digital technologies have opened up new doors to intelligent, driven, and savvy people around the globe. In today’s world, a start-up can seem like a digital venture that seemingly starts out of thin air, using [...]

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