Investing in your business does not only extend to clients and new projects. The space in which you work is your most vital asset. While work-life balance is integral to maintaining and sustaining any business in a healthy and mindful manner, your office should be consider similarly to your home. No matter how passionate you are about the work you do, if the physical space in which it is done is drab or uninviting, you will never keep up the motivation to complete what you set out to do. To this end, here are some inspired ideas for sprucing up your office space to increase productivity, mental wellness and prospective relations.

Colour and Light

Most offices come in shades of grey, grey and more grey. Combat fatigue and low morale with a well thought out colour scheme. Do you want to convey high-energy or calm determination? Your organization’s ethos should be obvious in the very walls. Green and aquamarines stimulate the imagination and are excellent choices for highly creative endeavours. Bold primary colours like red and yellow increase energy and can improve stamina until well into the afternoon. Be careful of clashing tones however: you are going to be looking at this palette every day. While a harsh mix of hot pink and orange might be striking in an art gallery, it might not be the best choice for work place sanctuary.
Similarly, try to maximize exposure to natural light. Corner offices are a thing of prestige from the Mad Men era; if possible, use those double window areas for communal spaces or meetings. An open plan office is always optimal for distributing light, but concerns for more focused individual work should be taken into consideration. A cost effective solution is LED bulbs in natural settings throughout the office. As well, try to encourage the use of light-boxes, also known as sun therapy bulbs. When the sun has set well before closing time, we all need a little boost!

Plants, Pillows and Performance

Sleeping on the job? Not as bad of an idea as it may sound. Studies have shown that power naps can vastly improve productivity. Take five minutes to get a whole hour’s worth of work done! Placing pillows or even small couches in common work spaces allows for a natural flow to the working day. When you feel like you can make use of your time as you best see fit, your projects and desires align in a perfect storm of independent productivity. But for the hours when you absolutely can’t leave your desk, a plant is your indispensable companion. Looking at a living thing can revitalize even the most tired of minds and knowing that there is something depending on you, for water and a little chat, encourages coming into your personalized space each day.

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