Meeting spaces are of central importance to any business. Having a place for your team to congregate and discuss the latest issues in your company is important to your professional development. As important as finding the right space is creating a layout that’s complimentary to the purposes of your meeting. Here are some tips and tricks for setting up your meeting space from the business professionals at the Gavin Centre.

Classroom Style

Depending on what you’re using your meeting space for, a classroom-style set up may work best for you. A traditional classroom-style set up involves forward-facing rows of chairs, usually with individual desks or longer tables placed in front of the chair so participants can use their laptops or take notes during the meeting. This arrangement is ideal for presentations, special lectures, or any kind of meeting where one person is speaking to many.

Boardroom Style

A traditional boardroom set-up involves a large oval or rectangular table with seats arranged all around it in a circular formation. The central table allows participants to use the table to take notes or use their computers, and the circular formation encourages face-to-face interaction. If you’re hosting a participatory, discussion-based meeting, the boardroom style is the perfect way to arrange your meeting space to encourage optimal engagement.

Get the Meeting Space You Need with the Gavin Centre

If you’re running a small business remotely or from your own home, finding the right meeting space that suits your professional needs can be a challenge. At the Gavin Centre, we’re committed to providing entrepreneurs and business leaders with the virtual office resources they need to help their businesses thrive. We have a number of conference rooms and meeting spaces available for temporary rental, replete with projectors, white boards, and wifi capability. The Gavin Centre offers some of the most comprehensive and accommodating virtual office services in Montreal, so you can rest assured that all your business needs will be met when you work with us. For more information about our virtual office rentals and associated services, contact us today at the Gavin Centre.